Gecko Research GmbH is renamed to Gecko-Simulations AG

  • Our team is growing, therefore we re-started the company as Gecko-Simulations AG.
  • From now on, software services of Gecko-Research will be continued by Gecko-Simulations.
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  • This homepage will be kept alive since it contains many useful articles and tutorials. To keep external links to its content valid, we will not close However, this page is not updated in the future.

Power Electronics Simulation - Gecko Research

  • Specialized Software to meet demands of Power Electronics Engineers
  • Easy-to-use
  • Three tools working together: GeckoCIRCUITS, GeckoEMC, GeckoHEAT
  • Multi-Domain approach and Optimization
  • Coupled Circuit-, Thermal-, and Electromagnetic Simulation

Free Version of GeckoCIRCUITS


Power Electronic Converter Optimization

Let's assume you want to build a single-phase PFC rectifier with 230V input voltage, 400V output voltage and 3.2kW output power. You can optimize this rectifier for highest efficiency or for highest power density or for minimum cost or ...



See the graphic showing the power density vs. efficiency design space for the same single-phase PFC. The crosses mark prototypes realized at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich).

How do you perform such an optimization? That is why we developed a set of simulation programs: GeckoCIRCUITS, GeckoHEAT and GeckoEMC plus a toolbox. The circuit simulator GeckoCIRCUITS is already commercially available, the other simulators (thermal & electromagnetic) will follow soon!

Another example: Optimization of an Isolated DC-DC telecom power supply.



Free Download and Online Applet of the Software